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Religion and Literature - Single View

Basic Information
Type of Course Seminar Long text
Number 096360 Short text
Term SS 2013 Hours per week in term
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Language english
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Tue. 14:00 to 16:00 weekly Johannisstr. 12-20 - ES 130        
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Responsible Instructors
Responsible Instructors Responsibilities
Quabeck, Franziska, Dr. responsible
Stierstorfer, Klaus, Prof. Dr. responsible
Graduation - Curricula Sem ECTS Bereich Teilgebiet
Master - British, American and Postcolonial Studies (88 407 8) -
Master - National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, Language (88 992 7) -
Master - National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, Language (88 992 0) -
Master of Ed. GHRGe/HRGe - Englisch (M2 049 8) -
Master of Ed. LA Gym/Ges - Englisch (M3 049 8) -
Assign to Departments
Fachbereich 09 Philologie

Literature and Religion have had a long history of shared interest as well as of controversy and strife. The seminar explores the mutual influences and dependecies between these important cultural fields and practices with regard to the specifics of British literary history. The seminar plan includes both discussions of conceptual issues and readings of seminal works of literature.


The Oxford Handbood of English Literature and Theology, ed. Anrew Hass, David Jasper, Elizabeth Jay (2007)

David Jasper, The Study of Literature and Religion. An Introduction (repr. 2009)

Structure Tree
Lecture not found in this Term. Lecture is in Term SS 2013 , Currentterm: SoSe 2023