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Forschungskolloquium GRK Literarische Form - Single View

Basic Information
Type of Course Colloquium for PhD students Long text
Number 097670 Short text
Term SS 2015 Hours per week in term
Expected no. of participants Study Year
Max. participants
Credits Assignment enrollment
Language german
Dates/Times/Location Group: [no name] iCalendar export for Outlook
  Day Time Frequency Duration Room Room-
Lecturer Status Remarks Cancelled on Max. participants
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Tue. 18:00 to 21:00 c.t. fortnightly 14.04.2015 to 14.07.2015  Johannisstr. 12-20 - ES 130        
Group [no name]:

Responsible Instructors
Responsible Instructors Responsibilities
Missinne, Lutgart, Prof. Dr. responsible
Stierstorfer, Klaus, Prof. Dr. responsible
Assign to Departments
Fachbereich 09 Philologie

14.04.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

28.04.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

12.05.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

02.06.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

16.06.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

30.06.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

14.07.2015, 18:15-20:45 Uhr

Structure Tree
Lecture not found in this Term. Lecture is in Term SS 2015 , Currentterm: SoSe 2023