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Theory and Literature (Group IV) - Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" and Other Writings - Single View

Basic Information
Type of Course Practice Long text
Number 090765 Short text
Term WiSe 2022/23 Hours per week in term 2
Expected no. of participants Study Year
Max. participants 30
Credits Assignment enrollment
Language english
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Englisches Seminar
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Fri. 14:00 to 16:00 weekly Johannisstr. 12-20 - ES 130        
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Responsible Instructor
Responsible Instructor Responsibilities
Juhas, Kirsten, Dr. responsible
Graduation - Curricula Sem ECTS Bereich Teilgebiet
Zwei-Fach-Bachelor - Anglistik / Amerikanistik (L2 941 18) -
Zwei-Fach-Bachelor - Anglistik / Amerikanistik (L2 941 11) -
Bachelor Berufskollegs - Englisch (LF 049 11) -
Bachelor Berufskollegs - Englisch (LF 049 18) -
Bachelor Grundschulen - Englisch (LG 049 18) -
Bachelor HRSGe - Englisch (LH 049 11) -
Bachelor HRSGe - Englisch (LH 049 18) -
MEd Grundschulen - Englisch (E1 049 14) -
Exams / Modules
Number of Exam Module
13004 Communicating Texts and Theories - MEd Grundschulen Englisch Version 2014
13002 Communicating Texts and Theories - Bachelor HRSGe Englisch Version 2011
13003 Communicating Texts and Theories - Bachelor Berufskollegs Englisch Version 2011
13003 Communicating Texts and Theories - Zwei-Fach-Bachelor Anglistik/Amerikanistik Version 2011
14002 Theory and Literature - Bachelor HRSGe Englisch Version 2018
14001 Theory and Literature - Bachelor Grundschulen Englisch Version 2018
14002 Theory and Literature - Bachelor Berufskollegs Englisch Version 2018
14002 Theory and Literature - Zwei-Fach-Bachelor Anglistik/Amerikanistik Version 2018
Assign to Departments
Fachbereich 09 Philologie

After more than three centuries, Alexander Pope's poetic bestseller, "The Rape of the Lock," is still widely read and discussed. Based on a real incident, which may be viewed in the context of the MeToo movement today, it has invited, and continues to invite, a broad spectrum of critical approaches, such as Feminisim, Neo-Marxism, Psychoanalysis, postcolonial studies and more recent critical practices, such as trauma and disability studies, to name but a few. In this course, we are going first to read Pope's poem as well as selected other texts and then critically engage with readings of them. In doing so, we will not only reflect on the limits and potentialities of particular approaches but also on the dynamics of literary theory in general. Moreover, this course will enable you to consolidate and enhance your own analytical skills. 


Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock, ed. Cynthia Wall (Boston and New York: Bedford, 1998). (Since this edition is out of print, extracts as well as further material will be made available via Learnweb).

Sophie Gee, The Scandal of the Season (2007). (Any edition is fine.)

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Lecture not found in this Term. Lecture is in Term WiSe 2022/23 , Currentterm: SoSe 2023