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M 12: Betreutes Selbststudium - Schwerpunkt Ägyptologie - Single View

Basic Information
Type of Course Seminar Long text
Number 910480 Short text
Term WS 2010/11 Hours per week in term 1
Expected no. of participants Study Year
Max. participants
Credits 10
Language german

Responsible Instructor
Responsible Instructor Responsibilities
Lohwasser, Angelika, Prof. Dr. responsible
Graduation - Curricula Sem ECTS Bereich Teilgebiet
Master - Sprachen und Kulturen Ägyptens und Altvorderasiens (88 E79 9) -
Assign to Departments
Fachbereich 09 Philologie

Structure Tree
Lecture not found in this Term. Lecture is in Term WS 2010/11 , Currentterm: WiSe 2022/23