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Die Veranstaltung wurde 2 mal im Vorlesungsverzeichnis SoSe 2023 gefunden:
Masterseminar: Themen aus der Dynamik komplexer Systeme    Sprache: englisch    Belegpflicht
Nr.:  102564     Seminar     SoSe 2023     2 SWS     jedes Semester    
   Fachbereich: Fachbereich 10 Mathematik und Informatik    
   Studiengang   Master/Mathematics, PO 20 (88F23)
   Zugeordnete Lehrperson:   Schlichting verantwort
   Termin: Montag   12:00  -  14:00    woch
Beginn : 03.04.2023    Ende : 10.07.2023
      Raum :   SRZ 203   Orléans-Ring 12  

This graduate seminar is intended for students in the Master's programs in Mathematics or Physics. Depending on the background of the participants, we will discuss basic concepts or feasible research papers in the mathematical theory for the dynamic of complex systems. These can be large systems of ordinary equation, partial differential equations, but also Markov processes, stochastic differential equations or stochastic partial differential equations. The typical questions range from the classification of equilibria and the convergence to them. But also the classification and identification of phase transitions. Often the problems are motivated by applications or questions from physics. Participating students are required to be familiar with the standard theory for either ODEs, PDEs, Markov processes or SPDEs.

The seminar can prepare for a Master thesis in this area.

If you are interested, please contact us via email: a.schlichting@uni-muenster.de